Digital organisations with up to 10 employees often work by acclamation in order to react as fast as possible. We use this approach ourselves. We have, however, learned that employee objective agreement systems should be introduced as soon as possible in order to achieve operational excellence. As former managers of Google we have become familiar with and utilised OKR method. The power of this system is exceptional and a game-changer for every organisation that we accompany. We will draft your OKR method, help during the introduction and provide long-term assistance as the greatest leverage materialises 12 months after the introduction.

Last and not least in particular high-potentials demand clear goals and modern management systems. They appreciate the freedom that is formed by OKR-method.

The OKR-method is an important block for us in building a modern, agile corporate culture. An organisation working without OKRs will only bring out a small portion of it’s full potential.