Our Approach


Businesses operating successfully in the digital sector all distinguish themselves with the following five abilities:

  • They have a clear vision for both their company and product.

  • They own an extraordinary and extremely successful product.

  • They run a sustained business model that has evolved through trial and error.

  • They are able to recruit and hold the best staff in their field.

  • They develop their product based on analytical data and business intelligence.

In the course of our Digital Strategy Consulting we will support your business in these five areas. We support young Start-Ups, SME's and established DAX companies based on experience from Google, Scout24 AG, Media Markt and our own tech companies. Our method of approach is analytical, data-based and pragmatic. Our recommendations are based on detailed analysis and practical experience. We support you in taking fast, target-orientated decisions without red tape. We involve ourselves actively and help you push issues through the door.