Digital business moves at high velocity. New products and fields of business appear; some stay and many disappear again after a short time. Often it makes more economic sense to acquire a new product rather than develop one yourself.

However, which products are really good? Which fields of business are economically sustainable and which business models assert themselves?

We are entrepreneurs. We love digital business. In the past we have founded our own businesses, developed and sold them. We have made good and not so good decisions. We have an excellent network. We know notable business angels, venture capitalists, law firms, M&A boutiques and international entrepreneurs personally.

You will have access to our network and experience as part of the scope of our work around digital mergers and acquisitions.

We identify business models and products that supplement or strengthen the portfolios of our clients. We initiate potential deals, we support you during negotiations and assist during the closing phase. We also coach the buyer as part of the post-merger integration in dealing with founders and developers.